Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception

What the press says about Time Warped:


A fascinating and at times mind-boggling book that will change the way you think about time (Carl Wilkinson Financial Times)

In Time Warped, Claudia Hammond… has a steady touch in conveying the research, adding user-friendly charm even to exhaustive descriptions of the mechanics of boredom. A chapter on visualization is particularly intriguing.” (Jascha Hoffman, New York Times)

“…a fascinating foray into the idea that our experience of time is actively created by our own minds and how these sensations of what neuroscientists and psychologists call “mind time” are created.” (Maria Popova, BrainPickings)

[A] lively account of our perception of time (Robin McKie Observer)

With an engaging, light touch, [Claudia Hammond] describes the ingenious experiments psychologists have devised to explore how our brains construct - and warp - time (Richard Webb New Scientist)

A serious, journalistic attempt to analyse existing research into the human perception of time (Nick Curtis Evening Standard)

Engaging throughout, Time Warped will give you a better idea of your personal measurement of time. It covers complex ideas...without any reduction of scope (Ben Critchley We Love This Book)

She weaves a beautifully constructed story out of the puzzles that preoccupy us about the way we experience time, and the cutting-edge science that tries to make sense of it (Raymond Tallis Mail on Sunday)

A fascinating new book... Time Warped is highly engaging and accessible (Doug Johnstone Big Issue)

Engagingly written and thoroughly accessible (Good Book Guide)
Fascinating stuff (The Scotsman)

An engaging, well-paced ride through the worlds of psychology, biology and neuroscience. Claudia Hammond's style balances in-depth analysis with absorbing anecdote. Don't be put off by the science writer tag, the tales of hostage victims and base-jumping adrenaline junkies keep you turning the pages. Reading this is definitely time well spent. (Top Sante Magazine)



Emotional Rollercoaster



Claudia's first book Emotional Rollercoaster: A journey through the science of feelings was published in 2005 in hardback by Fourth Estate and in paperback in 2006 by HarperPerennial.

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Emotional Rollercoaster has been translated into six languages. 


From the Independent

April 5, 2005

Making emotions work for you

Anger, sadness, fear, disgust - human feelings can be unsettling, but far from being a sign of weakness, riding the emotional rollercoaster could prove beneficial. Jerome Burne reports.

The purpose of each emotion and their individual quirks are the subject of a new book by the broadcaster Claudia Hammond. Emotional Rollercoaster: A Journey Through the Science of Feelings is an entertaining, informed guide to the responses that drive and colour our lives.

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What the critics say

"This book is amazing" (Chris Evans, Radio 2, 2006)

 "A formidable array of current research...personal anecdotes, detailed accounts of some of the more...entertaining experiments and nuggets of hard fact." (Emma Crichton-Miller, Sunday Telegraph, 2005)

" ….treats emotions as rational, material processes. Hammond's style is accessible and anecdotal, and her refusal to romanticise emotions is bracing." (Financial Times, 2005)

"It is my hope that science writers will take a leaf out of Hammond's book and learn to treat their subjects with the humour, sensitivity and warmth that here emanate from every page." (Dylan Evans, The Guardian, 2005)

"a warm and witty investigation of the passions" (Dylan Evans, the Guardian 2005)

"a book of mind-bending facts" (The Sun, 2005)